ChristenUnie: for a city with a heart

A city with a heart

ChristenUnie Rotterdam is participating in the municipal elections on March 16, 2022. Over the past four years, we have achieved important results with our alderman Michiel Grauss, our councilor Tjalling Vonk and our volunteers. What can you expect from us in the next four years? And how are we going to achieve our goals, together with all those Rotterdammers?

A city without a heart?
After the bombing in 1940 Rotterdam was called ‘the city without a heart’. But we are proud of our city. At the same time, we also see that too many Rotterdammers are struggling. We see that rules sometimes seem more important than people. Citizens experience injustice and discrimination. Too many people no longer trust each other or organizations.

Care for each other
Everywhere in Rotterdam you will find people taking care of each other and the city in all kinds of ways. In the streets, neighborhoods, districts, organizations, initiatives and churches. We support these Rotterdammers and appreciate everyone who cares for the city. We are going for a city council with a heart, one that takes action against injustice and inequality.

What are we going to do in the next four years?
In the next four years, the ChristenUnie will continue to strive for a city where everyone feels seen and heard: please read below about our five important goals.

God’s heart is for all people
We make clear choices because we believe that God’s heart is for all people. And because Jesus calls us to do so.

  • Jesus fought radically against the abuse of power which harms people, animals and the earth.
  • Jesus was radically loving towards people regardless of race, creed, gender, character, social situation and past.

That is why we stand up for everyone. Will you join us? Vote ChristenUnie Rotterdam in March 2022.

A city with a heart.

Our Goals

In the next four years, the ChristenUnie will continue to strive for a city where everyone feels seen and heard. We will do this by working together with others to focus our hearts and minds on five important goals:  

  1. We will promote peace in the city
    We are committed to reliable governance, space for religious groups, refugee housing in small groups and safety on the street, especially for women and LGBTQ people.
  2. We will help Rotterdammers move forward
    We find out how we can really help people in poverty by asking them. We also take evidence-based approaches that have proven themselves. We are strongly committed to shorter waiting lists in youth care, reducing loneliness among the elderly, and freedom of education.
  3. We will work towards a future-proof economy
    The municipality has to be a frontrunner to achieve the climate objectives. Just like the industry and other heavy consumers. We make it easier for companies to hire job seekers who experience difficulties in entering the labour market. We want fewer cars in the city and more room for bicycles and public transport.
  4. We will make Rotterdam greener
    Making the city greener will require something of all of us. Thanks to  the ChristenUnie’s initiative, Rotterdam is part of the ‘Municipalities 4 Global Goals’, the global sustainability goals. For us this also means considering citizens with less money to spend: for example by investing in better insulation of rental properties – good for both the environment and the energy bill.
  5. We are building a global city for everyone
    The municipality should not hesitate to intervene in the housing market. Affordable housing is more important than maximum profit for the municipality by selling land. Young home seekers should not have to compete with investors’ big money of. We are against dividing houses into multiple rooms and for building more student housing complexes. We can do this for example by renovating vacant offices. We bring a halt to the demolition of good homes. No one should sleep on the street.